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Addind Arenas 2v2 into the PvP System

      Addind Arenas 2v2 into the PvP System

      I have some ideas how to make server better for me, for you, for everybody that like arenas.
      The main reason why i decided to write on forum is, that arenas are completly dead here, on Exilium-Network. I play on this server for some years and there was everytime problem with arenas; long que time, nobody playing arenas, never. Everybody who is up for challenging PvP would really like from you, server, to do something with arenas, to make something, that says to players "Play them and u get good items" or something, i hope u understand what i mean.
      But at all the only reason why were players playing Arenas in past was, that they had to farm arena coins to get most wanted weapon, Shadowmourne.
      Now u created a new quests for Shadowmourne and u dont need to play arenas now to get it (i know there in quests in a quest where you have to pay Exilium Arena Coins, but that's still nothing) Most of good players left server because of exactly this low arena Queing (wtf is this word). I was waiting for a long time and Arenas are still worse and worse. In fact now, nobody plays it. So that's why i write this post here, to bring life to Arenas, again ! :)
      I have some ideas how you, Exilium, can add Arenas to system, I will not say all i want to say, because i forgot many of them, but I will try to write here everything that lands in my mind.

      So here are some ideas :

      1.) Adding some items as reward for playing Arenas. For example u add a mounts for which u need rating, u can add them more for bigger ratings. Better player will own better mount(example mount for 1000, 1500, 1750, 1900, 2050, 2200, 2500 - 2500 for a real challenges ;) ). People would like to be better, so they will have better mounts. Those items can be something else aswell, some tabards, or skins for example (as it's on at) There is something like this aswell on exilium now. That you have to reach rating to buy a weapons, u can use them then to transmog in vendor. But if there will be this "skin system" u have to remove transmogging by using ID of item, but i think that's not problem at all :).

      2.) Reward for playing arenas, Winner can get 3 Silver coins and Looser 1. It's good way how to farm Gold coins, that u need for titles, mounts. This would be cool i think for everybody, to farm Goldcoins throught arenas.

      3.) We can create some "tournament" and reward for Winners will be title. As on every server is a season, we can have it aswell. The first 5 teams will get a title Wrathful Gladiator for example or other titles.

      4.) We can also add for Winners (only for winners) of arenas one item. For example new (Shadowmourne coin). Winner gets 1 Shadowmourne coin. U add to vendor changing 20 Shadowmourne coins to 1 Shadowfrost Shard for Shadowmourne quest. So players will need to win 400 arenas to get Shadowmourne throught arenas.

      I have many ideas how to make PvP throught arenas better on Exilium, so please Valurog, Chip and whole GM team don't let arenas die here. It's not bad server but it needs boost and some idea as i have! :) I like this server and I want to make it better. For us who loves arenas ! :)
      Cheers to : Whysoholyx, Jyostar, Lewkas, Palwarhero, Minimi, Fcmltr!

      Please don't let arenas die! :)

      I hope you like my post, who is up for it post +, who hates it post -; but at all i think this would massive help this server and for players skils too :)
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      5.) Or aswell those Pet Teleporters, highest pet can be not only for Goldcoins but u need aswell for example one Pet Coin ( and one pet coin would cost 1000 Arena Points 50,000 honor and 2,2k rating). This can be applied for other level of pets too in new patch i heard where will be 13 pets or like that so for levels 10 11 12 13 u'll need like (10 - Pet Low Coin - For 1100 rating, 11 - Pet Medium Coin - For 1500 rating, 12 - Pet Hight Coin - For 2000 rating)
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      Well the fact why arenas aren't opening here is people do not see any motivation in doing so. Basically the team would need to redesign some game related features relying out to get arenas back to the eyes of the people. As far as I know there is no developer in here so this would not work. Most of the people playing there do already have those mounts and the other would then scream around and say that they were been treated unfairly.
      The fact u wrote here just things i know for more than 2 years are pretty cool "Well the fact why arenas aren't opening here is people do not see any motivation in doing so", but I'm talking about deleting some items from game, then add it there again nobody will have it, it will be only able to get from playing arenas and there will be motivation on the world <3

      Peace out
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